Health Care Articles

1 “What is a sinus infection/What is acute sinusitis?”

2 “How do I know if I have a broken bone?”

3 “What is an abscess or boil/risen?”

4 “Is there a test for Mono?”

5 “Is there a test for Strep throat?”

6 “How do I know when I am pregnant?”

7 “How do I drug test my child?”

8 “What immunizations should I get/give my children?”

9 “Cold vs. Flu”

10 “How can I tell when a cut is infected?”

11 “How do you tell between a sprain and a break?”

12 “Signs of food poisoning?”

13 “How do I treat a wound/cut?”

14 “How to treat Nausea?”

15 “What do you do to treat a burn?”

16 “When is an insect bite serious?”

17 “Remedies for headaches”

18 “What is gout?”

19 “What causes a fever?”

20 “How is an ear infection treated?”

21 “What causes Diarrhea?”

22 “I have a cough, what is it?”

23 “I have bad allergies. When does allergy season start in the South?

24 “Is it true that 48 hours after starting antibiotics I can’t infect someone else?”

25 “What causes high blood pressure?”

26 “Why am I so tired?”

27 “What causes kidney stones?”

28 “How to stop snoring”

29 “What is lupus?”

30 “What causes hiccups?”

31 “Can you get an STI from oral sex if one person has a fever blister? Also, if a person has an STI, is oral sex still OK?”

32 “How soon after a muscle strain or sprain can I begin exercising again?”

33 “What is chronic sinusitis?”

34 “If someone is hit hard in the head, at what point should they go to the ER instead of just going to their primary care doctor?”

35 “What alternative therapies can be used to treat migraine?”

36 “Do childhood earaches cause hearing loss later in life?”

37 “Does day care, preschool, etc. have an effect on children developing allergies or asthma?”

38 “What medications are best for the treatment of asthma? What are their side effects?”

39 “Should I get a flu shot?”

40 “Is pneumonia contagious?”

41 “Is Bronchitis contagious?”

42 “How to tell when an arm is broken?”

43 “How serious is strep?”

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